And, of course, some slide shows were text laden tomes

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Fake Hermes Bags Jack Stacey scored the winning goal, but there is a big group of players that have got us this far, it is not just him.”We had three players that started on Sunday that didn’t start tonight. They weren’t dropped, I just selected an XI, so there are a lot of players that have got us this far and now we have to make the very most of it.”I said (when Exeter were bottom of the table in November) that this was the best group of players that I have had in seven or eight years and people thought I was crazy, but I believed that. I believed in the players.”(Image: PA)Carlisle chief Keith Curle, who faced a 350 mile trip back to Cumbria after the second leg, said: “We walk out of the stadium with our head held high.”They have given me everything, of course there is an element of disappointment.”But what we don’t do is we don’t sulk out of here, we have improved since I have been at the football club and there is a winning mentality at this club that we need to maintain.”We have enjoyed the challenges this season and we have taken a very good team all the way. Fake Hermes Bags

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