Douglas-Westwood, a Westwood Global Energy Group company, is widely regarded as a leading supplier of business strategy and advisory services to players in the energy industries.

Over the past 25 years and 1,100 projects we have built a great breadth of knowledge ranging from oil & gas through renewable energy to nuclear power, spanning over 250 sub-sectors of the energy business supply chain. Our consultancy work on analysis of markets for the suppliers of goods and services has resulted in us becoming the major provider of commercial due-diligence services for energy sector mergers and acquisitions worldwide.

“Global energy specialist Douglas-Westwood”
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Working buy-side or sell-side on M&A deals and also IPOs, our expertise in areas such as market forecasting, supply & demand and value chain analysis allows us to advise our clients on the growth prospects for many sectors. We ensure that the potential of an acquisition or disposal meets the client’s immediate and long-­term objectives. DW also provides acquisition scouting services for corporate clients and their financial sponsors.


Asset Valuation Services

We typically provide valuations of marine assets, drilling rigs and service equipment in the secondary marketplace for equipment for financial sector clients worldwide. Our team experience spans sector experts, professional accountants and personnel with experience in specific investment sectors, enabling us to provide commercially reliable valuation services to our clients.

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We benchmark by collecting both quantitative and qualitative information, accessing our in-house proprietary data, engaging with stakeholders and by secondary research. After defining the most appropriate benchmarks for the industry segment or market, we assist our clients to obtain internal parameters which are then used for comparison against other significant players.

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Business Plan Review

We test key assumptions in a business plan and help on defining achievable objectives. Our deep understanding of many energy industry segments means that our clients can be assured that their business objectives are in line with the external market environment. Our process often includes workshops with clients as part of the business planning process and consulting with the board and management team to gather and analyse views on the company and its opportunities.

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Market Sizing

We gather market data and carry out industry consultation and perception surveys focusing on current and historical values and volumes and use analysis and modelling to provide reliable short-term and long-term forecasts for our clients. We have completed market sizing for hundreds of clients across the energy industry, particularly for equipment manufacturers, services and engineering firms. Our understanding of niche and difficult-­to-access markets allows us to determine market sizes based on credible information.

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Market Research

Recognised through over 20 industry awards in the last five years, and acknowledged as a "top energy research group" by the FT, at DW we have completed over 1,100 bespoke projects in over 250 niche energy industry segments for clients across the world. We do not sell data strips or repackage 'information', nor do we rely exclusively on our own data ­(we use multiple sources for cross-referencing). Through continually updated in-house databases, industry consultation, modelling and analysis by sector-focused experts across the Americas, Europe and Asia, we seek to understand each client’s aims and identify the best information streams to meet them.

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Market Entry Analysis

Our experience in analysing niche markets across the global energy industry allows us to deliver valuable commercial advice to clients on their business prospects in a target market. Key elements we research include the size, structure and geographic segmentation of the market, the strength of the competition, buyer characteristics and preferences. We also review the client’s own strengths and weaknesses and the overall market potential for its skill sets and offerings.

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Pricing and Forecasting

Data that is in the public domain can be limited in certain geographies and niche segments of the energy industry. We have developed in-house models with pricing metrics established through many years of independent research and validation. We create balanced and credible forecasts of business value and volume of products and services through our proprietary data streams, detailed research and engagement with stakeholders. To obtain supply-side indicators, we use our in-house databases and conduct primary and secondary research to allow us to draw conclusions on supply and capacity.

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DW has been engaged by a very wide range of organisations, from major corporations to governments, to assist in the development of strategies for their activities in many energy sectors. Our research-based approach has been used by clients to consider the future direction of their businesses from a number of perspectives including financial, customer value enhancement and internal operations. Work has ranged from facilitating market strategy workshops using DW’s proprietary methodology, to advising on strategy for the development of major new business streams.

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Supply and Demand

To reach credible demand forecasts, we determine the value and volume in different markets and industry segments using various research methodologies. We use a combination of bottom-up and top-down modelling approaches to build our forecast and sense-check these through supplementary primary research.

To obtain supply-side indicators, we collect data through our in-­house databases and conduct primary and secondary research to allow us to draw conclusions on supply and capacity.

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Supply and Value Chain Analysis

Our work on energy industry supply chains has been used by some of the world’s leading players. We have developed considerable knowledge of the industry's multiple segments and add to this by researching individual supplier capabilities and interactions, providing realistic views of the future demand for, and availability of, specific services and products.

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Technical Review

Reviewing the prospects for existing and new technologies is a major part of our work. Our approach is to first ascertain demand by determining market need and the share of this supplied by existing technologies. We review capabilities and use extensive industry consultation to determine likely acceptance of a new technology.

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Our research and consulting work is trusted by energy industry players, governments and investment houses, and is regularly sourced by leading business media worldwide: