In the News, 10th March 2017

DW in the NewsWith a number of new releases, including the new Western Europe Decommissioning Market Forecast 2017-2040 and a Q1 update of the World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2017-2025, it has been a busy week with a large number of news sites featuring Douglas-Westwood:


A press release that focused on the budget and its potential impact on decommissioning was in the news this week:

“Measures announced today in the UK Budget will review the potential transfer of ownership of UK fields along with the ability to transfer the benefit of past taxes paid on production to be used for relief in future field decommissioning by the new owners.” 08/03/2017 09/03/2017 09/03/2017

The Western Europe Decommissioning Market Forecast 2017-2040 was released this week and a number of sites reported on it:

“In its Western Europe Decommissioning Market Forecast 2017-2040, DW forecasts that between 2017 and 2040, $105bn will be spent on decommissioning in Western Europe.” 07/03/2017 07/03/2017 07/03/2017

The Q1 update of the World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2017-2025 was also released:

“Total spend within the offshore wind market over the 2017-2025 period has decreased by 2%, from EUR 294bn anticipated in Q4 2016 to EUR 289bn, according to DW’s World Offshore Wind Market Forecast Q1 2017-2025 report.” 03/03/2017 03/03/2017 08/03/2017

Another report to feature in the news was the World Offshore Helicopters Market Forecast 2017-2021:

“In support of this contention, Experia pointed to a report on the helicopter services market by Douglas-Westwood that predicted a 3 percent annual growth in oil and gas expenditures between 2017 and 2021.” 07/03/2017

This week’s DW Monday was featured on a number of sites this week:

“With a market equilibrium and a recovery in sight, 2017 represents an opportune time for substantial industry consolidation and opportunistic vessel acquisitions to support long-term business strategy objectives.” 06/03/2017  06/03/2017 07/03/2017 08/03/2017 08/03/2017

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