In the News, 17th March 2017


WGE In the News
17th March 2017

Several reports have been in the news this week, as has the press release formally announcing the Westwood Global Energy brand:


On Thursday the press release announcing the new Westwood Global Energy Group was released, with a number of sites featuring the news:

“ESIA (Energy Software Intelligence Analytics Ltd), the private equity-backed group of energy research, analysis and consulting companies, today announces a new name and new structure as Westwood Global Energy Group.” 16/03/2017 16/03/2017 16/03/2017 16/03/2017 16/03/2017

A press release that focused on Douglas-Westwood’s World Subsea Vessel Operations & Hardware Market Forecast 2017-2021 was released this week and picked up by a number of news outlets:

“In recent years, the speed with which newbuild vessels have entered the market has amplified the subsea vessel demand/supply imbalance, says a report by Douglas-Westwood.” 14/03/2017 14/03/2017 14/03/2017 14/03/2017

Another report to feature in the news was the World Deepwater Market Forecast 2017-2021:

“In its new World Deepwater Market Forecast 2017-2021, Douglas-Westwood (DW) forecasts global deepwater expenditure to total $120 billion over the period.” 14/03/2017 14/03/2017

The DW Monday released on the 13th February that focused on the heavy lift market was featured in the news this week:

“However, as Kathryn Symes, an analyst at Douglas-Westwood in London, highlighted recently, two bright spots for heavy-lift companies are offshore wind and decommissioning.” 14/03/2017 14/03/2017

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