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13 Oct 14
DW Monday: Mr November
Oil markets have moved dramatically over the last year. The USA is increasingly self-sufficient and investment in US refining capacity means that the domestically produce…

06 Oct 14
DW Monday: Can Nigeria Secure its Golden Geese?
Since the first successful oil well was drilled by Shell-BP in 1956 at Oloibiri, Nigeria has acclaimed the status of Africa’s largest oil producer and the sixth lar…

29 Sep 14
DW Monday: Local Content - A Fact of Life
In many of the key deepwater markets, estimated to be worth $72bn by 2018, E&P and OFS companies alike are exposed to challenging local content requirements. Local co…

22 Sep 14
DW Monday: Oil Price Pressures
At present we are seeing lower oil prices as a function of softer demand growth in both Europe and China combined with recent output increases from OPEC, particularly Lib…

15 Sep 14
DW Monday: Denmark - The Last of a Dying Breed
Denmark is the European Union’s (EU) only net exporter of oil. The Nordic state’s oil exports totalled approximately 13.7 million barrels of oil equivalent in…

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