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  • The State of Exploration 2012–2016 and outlook for 2017

    The 8th edition of the State of Exploration report covers five years of global high impact exploration. The definitive report benchmarks the performance of 40 international E&P companies and 991 completed conventional wildcat wells at a total drilling cost of $43.5bn of wildcat drilling spend.

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  • UK 30th Licensing Round Screening Study

    Hannon Westwood's 30th Round Screening Study offers first pass screening to grade opportunities for further detailed work enabling explorers and business managers to focus efforts where most appropriate. Saves time and manpower by providing geotechnical data and previous mapping.

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  • Are direct hydrocarbon indicators effective in reducing exploration risk?

    This report analyses success rates for offshore wells with company-reported direct hydrocarbon indicators, and compares these to average success rates to assess the effectiveness of different types of geophysical support.

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  • Norway Exploration Performance Report

    This new report from Richmond Energy Partners, examines Norwegian exploration performance over the period following the 2 billion barrel Johan Sverdrup field discovery in 2010/11. The report identifies the companies who are the “winners and losers” and considers the drivers for exploration performance.

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  • UK Onshore Oil & Gas Potential – A Comprehensive Review

    Hannon Westwood’s publication UK Onshore Oil & Gas Potential – A Comprehensive Review provides an in-depth analysis of UK onshore oil and gas potential offering a technical and commercial insight into the UK onshore oil and gas upstream business and includes UK & Northern Ireland licensing and a geological overview – aimed at technical and managerial staff.

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  • UK Shale Plays – Prospectivity, Resource Potential and acreage ranking

    Novas Consulting, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hannon Westwood, in collaboration with TGS, announces their UK Shale Plays Report, a critical review of the widely differing UK shale resource estimates that establishes the true potential of existing shales while providing a comprehensive technical and commercial assessment of UK shale plays.

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