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Douglas-Westwood has wide experience in analysing the power generation sectors, spanning both conventional and renewable energy sources. As energy business analysts we are noted for our international coverage with clients worldwide. Our unique knowledge base has enabled us to provide services to organisations in over 50 countries and contributed to our success in regions where it is diffcult to access business information such as Russia & Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

Sector research has included all the major grid-connected power generation sources including natural gas, coal and clean-coal, nuclear, geothermal, wind and wave & tidal. We are specialists in understanding both the Capex and Opex-related supply chain companies.

Our offerings include business research & analysis, market forecasting and commercial & strategic advisory services. Activities range from commercial diligence for institutional investors in public and private markets, including IPO support and M&A transactions, to support for re-financing operations. Our strategic advisory credentials range from advising government energy agencies and economic development departments, to presidential offices. Commercial clients include energy majors and some of the world’s largest contractors and equipment suppliers.

We also publish the renowned ‘World’ series of global industry and market reports, trusted by professionals in energy companies, contractors, agencies & departments of government and investment banks. Our published studies include specialised areas of renewable energy such as offshore wind and wave & tidal power.

Examples of DW's work in the sector:

Scottish Enterprise - a major multi-sector study of the energy industries’ supply chains and associated economic opportunities covering oil, gas, coal, nuclear and the major renewable sectors. The results were used for national strategy development.

Electricity Trading (Australia) - overview of the national system for trading electricity as part of a client’s evaluation of its entry as a supplier of services to electricity traders.

Investment Bank (England) - business prospects for a supplier of specialised machined products to the nuclear power sector.

Rolls Royce (UK) - analysis of the historic use of gas turbines for power generation and gas compression in the oil & gas industry by sector and geography.

Saladin (USA) - three annual world-wide surveys of traders to determine the factors that contribute to the successful energy trading room. Covering physical & paper trading; oil, gas and power.

BERR (UK) - analysis of the supply chain constraints on the deployment of renewable electricity technologies to meet UK carbon reduction objectives. Recommendations for addressing the potential capacity shortfall and employment implications.


A selection of our energy specific market reports:

The World LNG
Market Report

The World FLNG
Market Forecast

Unconventional Gas:
World Production & Drilling Forecast


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