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We work as complementary partners to our clients worldwide as part of their strategic planning process. We develop and test advanced competitive strategies for new products, new business streams, mergers and acquisitions, through market insights, modelling and simulation. Our research-based approach has been used by clients considering the future direction of their business from a number of perspectives – financial, customer value enhancement, or internal operations.

Our engagements with clients occur at corporate, business unit or product/service line level.

  • Productivity strategy; operational cost base review, profit margin review
  • Revenue growth strategy; new market opportunity identification, acquisition profiling/scouting
  • Customer value proposition strategy; equipment/service line business case, gap analysis of current offerings / brand perception
  • Strategic relationship/partnership building; customer strategy monitoring, identification of key relationship/partnership criteria
  • Market dynamics interpretation; future customer/buyer landscape assessment, equipment/service requirements forecasts
  • Supply chain cost base; supplier benchmarking review

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