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North American Onshore Pipeline Database Service

Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) North American Onshore Pipeline Database Service (PDS) contains a comprehensive, forward-looking list of onshore transmission pipeline installation projects, currently through to 2018, along with selected historical projects and gathering lines. A significant advantage the PDS provides over other sources of pipeline intelligence is that new editions are issued every quarter.

World FLNG Market Forecast 2014-2020
From £3,700

The FLNG market is poised for increased investment and activity from 2014 to 2020, with Douglas-Westwood (DW) forecasting total expenditure of $64.4bn in its new market report. Two-thirds of this spend is attributed to liquefaction infrastructure, while the remaining is from import and regasification facilities. The World FLNG Market Forecast 2014-2020 forecasts activity through to 2020.

World ROV Operations Market Forecast 2013-2017
From £3,100

Douglas-Westwood (DW) forecast the market for the operation of work-class ROVs through to 2017 in this sixth edition of the World ROV Market Forecast. Results forecast total ROV operations expenditure of $9.7 billion, an increase of nearly 80% over the previous five-year period. The World ROV Operations Market Forecast 2013-2017 analyses the main factors driving demand for ROV operations and key themes.

World LNG Market Forecast 2013-2017
From £3,100

Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) World LNG Market Forecast, analyses the market through to 2017. Now in its eighth edition the report forecasts that global Capex on LNG facilities will total nearly $228bn for the 2013-2017 period, an increase of 109% over the preceding five years. This report covers capital expenditure on base-load onshore and offshore fixed LNG liquefaction, LNG transport by LNG carriers and LNG regasification via onshore and offshore fixed import terminals.

World Offshore Wind Market Forecast 2013-2022
From £3,100

Douglas-Westwood’s (DW) Offshore Wind Market Forecast is now in its 5th Edition, providing a new long-term view of the sector through to 2022, in response to the requirements of our clients. The report details market forecasts by region through to 2022 and is essential reading for companies working within the offshore wind sector.

World Onshore Pipelines Market Forecast 2013-2017
From £5,600

The World Onshore Pipeline Market Forecast 2013-2017 is essential for equipment manufacturers, onshore construction companies, steel mills, pipeline operators, oilfield service companies, government agencies, financial institutions and oil & gas companies who need quality, up-to-date information and commercial insight to assist with their strategy in the pipeline sector. Our forecasts of activity in the onshore pipelines sector over the period 2013-2017 are driven by thorough scrutiny of identified fields/prospects within the DW oil and gas database.

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