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Unconventional Gas: World Production & Drilling Forecast 2011-2020


A unique market forecast

Douglas-Westwood is publishing the first edition of its Unconventional Gas: World Production & Drilling Forecast – a study which details the multi-billion dollar opportunities in this rapidly developing energy sector through to 2020.

Key findings of the report highlight strong and continual development in the unconventional gas sector in Europe and Asia-Pacific, following the success of the now well established shale gas market in North America. Although production outside North America is currently low, exploration activity has increased dramatically in recent years in countries such as Australia, China and Poland. Global energy market conditions have made unconventional gas development economically feasible, but commercial production in Europe is not expected until at the least the middle of this decade.

Market evolution

In addition to the ongoing drilling and maintenance activity, within the commercially active North American market, the exploration and development of new shale gas and coal-bed methane plays in Europe and Asia-Pacific will require vast expenditure. Since Douglas-Westwood started analysing unconventional gas, the sector has rapidly evolved from a niche area of the market to an international energy sector with multi-billion dollar investment, leading to economic and political ramifications.

Growth is also expected in equipment markets, especially within newbuild rig manufacture for European reserve development. The rate of rig contracting and deployment is set to surge in Europe to cope with the exploration and production drilling in unconventional gas plays. The need for horizontal and directional drilling services will also fuel a rise in the European onshore rig market.

The production and drilling forecast model

The report forecasts production and drilling demand for the next ten years by region and by gas type. The production forecast has been built up on a country-by-country basis, assessment of market metrics and constraints. From this as demand-driven forecast for drilling has been made, with a modelled view on the number of wells needed to satisfy the production forecast.

The report is designed for executive readers and does not assume the reader has a detailed technical knowledge of the subject or the characteristics of the unconventional gas market, its evolution or buying practices.

Each major region (North America, Asia-Pacific and Europe) is analysed separately in the report, with case studies and market forecast offered for each. Special consideration is given to Europe as a whole, with the report analyzing the current exploration and future development across the continent, with analysis of key political and market drivers.

Why Purchase The Unconventional Gas: World Production & Drilling Forecast?

This report provides essential information for decision makers in oil & gas companies, contractors, agencies & departments of government.

  • Geared to meet senior executives’ needs in business planning and decision making
  • Concise, region-by-region format allows for targeted comparison of markets
  • Benefit from DW’s industry forecasting expertise developed over many years
  • All data presented clearly and accessibly.

Document Contents

Executive Summary & Conclusions – introduction, market forecast, development history of the sector, market drivers/trends/issues, conclusions.
Why Unconventional Gas? Market Drivers and Trends – definition and terminology, gas markets, drivers of demand for development, the size of the prize, gas markets, challenges and threats.
Unconventional Gas Extraction – shale gas, coal bed methane, tight gas, underground coal gasification.
Supply Chain Review – introduction, major players in unconventional gas field services, directional horizontal and extended reach drilling, hydraulic fracturing, logging, cementing, perforation, well maintenance, re-perforation and water management.
North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific – introduction, drivers behind unconventional gas development, development issues, shale gas, coal bed methane, tight gas, underground coal gasification.
Gas Hydrates – introduction, gas hydrate research.
Production and Drilling Forecast – production, drilling and wellstock forecasts for shale gas, coal bed methane and tight gas.

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