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The North Sea Offshore Decommissioning Report




Major business opportunities

The time for many North Sea offshore oil and gas platforms to be decommissioned is fast approaching; more than 470 will have to be wholly or partially removed from North Sea waters over the next 30 years – a vast series of projects which could put enormous amounts of pressure on the supply chain. However, if the industry is well prepared there will be major opportunities and rewards for participation in the sector. The North Sea Offshore Decommissioning Report by Douglas-Westwood and Deloitte Petroleum Services Group, provides the essential information for those decision-makers in oil companies and contracting & supply industries, government departments and financial institutions on the expenditure required to carry out the imminent task.

Likely expenditure

This second edition of The North Sea Offshore Decommissioning Report is expanded to cover the entire North Sea area, with a concise account of the most pressing issues related to decommissioning in the region’s waters. Likely expenditure is considered through two scenarios which account for changing offshore lift technologies and the associated variable onshore costs. The first scenario presents a ‘business as usual’ situation whereby existing heavy lift vessels are used to carry out decommissioning projects. The second scenario assumes a step change in offshore lifting technology and the development of Super Heavy Lift Vessels (SLVs) that are capable of lifting upwards of 15,000 tonnes. The bottom-up Douglas-Westwood cost forecast generated from these scenarios covers all decommissioning aspects from the plugging and abandonment of subsea wells to onshore deconstruction and recycling. Attention is also paid to specialist equipment requirements and the locations to which decommissioned infrastructure can be sent for disposal, re-use and/or recycling.

Future prospects

The North Sea Offshore Decommissioning Report provides an overview of future prospects. It reviews current North Sea offshore platforms as well as the existing regulatory regime – including a focus on decommissioning obligations, procedures and trends. In addition, the report focuses on current and proposed key technologies and is reinforced by case studies.

The supply chain

This innovative report examines the decommissioning services supply chain focusing on key issues including current and potential supply chain gaps. In both scenarios the demand on the supply chain differs, however early preparation for the upcoming opportunity is shown to be essential given figures presented within the report.

Market forecasts

Market forecasts are provided using Deloitte’s Petroscope® economic modeling system. Petroscope® is a comprehensive upstream fiscal modeling tool for the analysis of global oil and gas assets. Models have been created for field numbers and facilities, economic limit (production limit) as well as incremental and cumulative ABANDEX (abandonment expenditure). The outputs from this process have then been input to Douglas-Westwood's NWECS Decommissioning Model, to output detailed cost estimates for all phases of the decommissioning process. Supplementary figures can be made available upon request.

An acclaimed series

The North Sea Offshore Decommissioning Report is the latest in an acclaimed series of energy business studies by Douglas-Westwood used by organisations in over 70 countries. These include the oil majors, investment banks, offshore contractors, agencies and departments of governments. This study is produced in association with Deloitte.

Document Contents

Executive Summary & Conclusions – market scenarios and key outputs
Regulatory Requirements – legislation, guidelines and planning for decommissioning within the regulatory process
The Decommissioning Process – well abandonment & shutdown, decommissioning of process and utility systems. Topside, steel jacket and concrete base removal. Offshore disposal, pipeline abandonment and site clearance & verification
Methodology – well plugging, abandonment & infrastructure renewal. Cost estimates for well decommissioning, platform removal. HTV & PSV costs, offshore decommissioning and recycling and total cost of decommissioning activity throughout the North Sea region
United Kingdom – breakdown of costs for UKCS
Norway – breakdown of costs for Norway
Denmark – breakdown of costs for Denmark
Netherlands – breakdown of costs for the Netherlands
Ireland – breakdown of costs for Ireland
Total Market Forecast – forecast figures for North Sea region
Appendix – International, European & Domestic law, environmental conventions, health, safety and environmental legislation. A summary of main decommissioning activities requiring approval 

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