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The World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast 2012-2016

This edition of the report is no longer current. To view the up-to-date edition of this report please visit this page.

The 2nd edition of this acclaimed, unique report includes additional market data and enhanced analysis. Detailed analysis and in-depth country-level data provides a comprehensive view of the land drilling market through to 2016.

*NEW report style with enhanced analysis and speed-read summaries of key points throughout*

Calum Shaw, lead author of the report commented that, "The world onshore drilling rig market is set to expand from an estimated 9,700 rigs today to more than 11,000 units by 2016. Such growth is driven by an increasing volume and complexity of well requirements in order to meet global production targets although meeting this growth may be a challenge. A significant number of high specification rigs and associated equipment will need to come to the market in the next five years and the pressure on the supply chain will be significant”.

Douglas-Westwood estimates that growth in global active rig demand will average 5% per annum over the 2012-2016 period. This latest insight from Douglas-Westwood suggests an increasingly important role for frontier markets globally with an estimated two thirds of active rig demand coming from regions outside North America by 2016. 

While countries such as Kazakhstan, Mexico and Oman are likely to witness decline, other markets including China, Colombia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and the USA are all expected to see an increase in the number of rigs required. Follow-on investments in newbuild rig construction and the updating of current fleets which have experienced underinvestment over the last three decades.

The report examines national and regional onshore rig fleets in-depth, indicating the key players in each market and the quality of rigs currently available.

The World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast 2012-2016 contains:

  • Drivers, trends & themes – discussion of fundamentals that drive exploration; specifically those that impact on the land drilling market. 
  • Country-by-country analysis – comprehensive examination of 35 key countries, including: oil and gas production, onshore wells drilled, active drilling rigs required, plus the competitive landscape. 
  • Regional drilling market - comprehensive summary at regional level including: oil and gas production. Forecasts for onshore wells drilled, active drilling rigs required. The regional competitive landscape. 
  • Enhanced analysis – throughout the report new ‘speed-read’ sections summarise and explain key points, giving an enriched reader experience and understanding. Analysis is based on extensive in-house data on the global rig fleet, developed and maintained by the DW team. 
  • Concise report layout – industry background and supporting materials condensed to enable quick review.

Why buy the report?

The World Land Drilling Rig Market Forecast 2012-2016 is an excellent source of information, geared to meet senior executives’ needs in business planning and decision making. The concise, country-by-country format allows for targeted comparison of drilling markets. All data is presented clearly and accessibly and readers will benefit from DW’s industry forecasting expertise developed over many years.

The report is essential reading for land rig contractors, rig manufacturers, oilfield service companies, oil & gas operators and financial institutions wanting to better understand where and when to make investment decisions.

Document Contents

Executive Summary and Conclusions 

  • Global Rig Fleet
  • Regional Summary & Conclusions

Drivers and Indicators

  • Market Drivers 
  • Energy Demand 
  • Exploration & Production 
  • Oil & Gas Prices 
  • Oil & Gas Price Sensitivities 
  • Drilling, Complexity and Unconventional E&D 
  • Political Considerations 


  • Rig Data and Analysis 
  • Rig Data Assumptions 
  • Rig Counts Example: Saudi Arabia 
  • Country Analysis: Definitions 
  • Country Analysis: Key Metrics 

Rig Equipment Manufacturers

  • Key Components: Manufacturers 
  • Rig Equipment: Manufacturer Ranking 

Global Analysis

  • Global Outlook 
  • Regional Rig Fleets Global Rig Fleet: Identified Drilling Rigs 

Asia Analysis

  • Asia: Rig Supply and Demand 
  • Asia: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape) 
  • China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan & Thailand

Australasia Analysis

  • Australasia: Rig Supply and Demand 
  • Australasia: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape)
  • Australia

Eastern Europe and FSU Analysis

  • Eastern Europe and FSU: Rig Supply and Demand 
  • Eastern Europe and FSU: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape) 
  • Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Romania & Russia

Latin America Analysis

  • Latin America: Rig Supply and Demand 
  • Latin America: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape)
  • Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru & Venezuela

MENA Analysis

  • MENA: Rig Supply and Demand 
  • MENA: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape) 
  • Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey & Yemen

North America Analysis

  • North America: Rig Supply and Demand
  • North America: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape)
  • Canada & USA

Sub-Saharan Africa Analysis

  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Rig Supply and Demand 
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape)
  • Gabon, Nigeria & Sudan

Western Europe Analysis

  • Western Europe: Rig Supply and Demand
  • Western Europe: Identified Rigs (Competitive Landscape)

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